Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We’re just home from Fall Break at Walt Disney World with my mom, sister & brother and their families – it was a GREAT time, and I have lots of fun to share.
But I wanted to put some Halloween memories up before we get to far into November… So here’s what we had for dinner (a jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s – as you can see ours has a bit of an acne problem. :D)

Our little cowboy:

For those of you paying attention…yes, this is the same thing as last year. Our whole family was Pirates for the Halloween Party @ Disney World, and I didn’t want to have to come up with multiple costumes (especially since we have about 10 to choose from, including Luke’s costumes from ages 3-6, which will all fit Tobin.) But he wanted to be the cowboy riding a horse again, rather than any of the other choices.
Notable differences this year: Both years, almost every person who saw him asked what his horse’s name is. Last year, he stubbornly insisted “Just Horsey!” every time. This year, his horse is names “Gallop”, and Tobin did indeed gallop up and down the street as we went trick-or-treating. And at every house with steps up to the front door, as he descended, he stopped and reared the horse’s legs up, saying, “NEEEEIIIGGGHHH!” :)
And our Roman Soldier:

I am so thankful we were able to find this costume… We don’t have tons of choices for Luke like we do for Tobin, and since Luke was Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween when he was 6, I knew he wouldn’t want to use the same costume we had for him @ the Disney party. When he said he wanted to be a Roman Soldier, I wondered where in the world I would find that, and knew I wouldn’t want to pay whatever it cost. He was ecstatic when we were able to borrow this get up, although it ended up being much heavier than he anticipated…we had to leave the helmet behind, and hardly made it back into the house before he was disrobing. :)

And…. our family squirrel.

I NEVER thought I’d sink so low as to dress my dog up for Halloween, but the boys BEGGED, and I couldn’t resist this squirrel costume – for our dog who is squirrel obsessed. He was (obviously) less than thrilled, but patiently let me dress him up. Hee hee.

Poor dog.

And our traditional “laying in all the loot” shots…

It took a lot longer to get Luke Roman-ized, and Tobin changed his mind about his costume about 4 times…so we were quite late getting out to trick-or-treat. Luke discovered the glory in this, as lots of houses told the boys, “Take a whole handful, we don’t want any left over!” I think we have 20 mini-snickers bars!

Happy Halloween!