Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Micah Day!

1 year ago TODAY Micah and I landed in Omaha, were reunited with Matt and Luke, and introduced Micah to Tobin... As well as two sets of his grandparents, one of his aunts, two cousins, and special friends.

I was so thrilled to be have our family together, and to begin the adventure of learning to be a family of five.

In case you're wondering... We don't use (or care for) the term "gotcha" day. It's pretty common in adoption circles, but many adult adoptees find it offensive (because to many it implies the idea that children are commodities, things to be "gotten.") I think as adoptive parents, we are wise to listen to the voice of adult adoptees (even when it isn't what we want to hear). 

You, of course, are welcome to refer to your child's homecoming as anything you please. But for our family, this is Micah day, or Family day, or Micah's homecoming.

We also had about 4 different choices of dates... I first met Micah on July 30... Matt & Luke met him on October 31. We were granted guardianship on November 9. But we decided that the date when Micah and I arrived in the US and the five of us went HOME together is our favorite.

We are celebrating Micah today, and giving thanks for every moment of this last year. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

Click here if you want to see more pictures of our homecoming day, and arrival at the airport.