Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Trick or Trot

Guest Blogger: Luke!

This morning I ran in the Halloween Trick or Trot. Two people from my class were there. The Trick or Trot was in place of the pumpkin run. It was just named different but cheaper for the school. My time was 7:53 seconds. Someone in my grade at Hill finished first. It was my friend Jonah. The Trick or Trot was really fun.


My mom is in town this week. Yay Nana!! The boys are having a super time, both because she's here, but also because it's Fall Break. Why didn't (don't) we get Fall Break in Texas? It sure is nice to have a week off in the middle of the busy-ness of Fall!!

I'm really thankful that I was (mostly) feeling better by the time mom got here. At least my fever had broken, and I have been coughing less and less.

My mom has started an unfortunate tradition. None of us have ever had any trouble flying in or out of Omaha. As a matter of fact, since I moved here, I've never had any flight delays, even because of bad weather. This is now the second trip where mom was hardly able to get out of Houston. 2 years ago, she ended up spending all day in the Houston airport because of torrential downpours, and then got stuck for hours in the Detroit airport, of all places.

This year, it was raining in Houston again, so mom's plane was delayed waiting for a flight crew. When the crew finally arrived, they had lost a flight attendant and couldn't find her. Her flight came in about 5 hours late, and we were sure happy to see her! It is awfully hard to explain flight delays to a 2 year old!!
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Boo @ the Zoo

This week as part of our Halloween festivities, we headed to the Lincoln Children's Zoo for BOO at the ZOO!

The kids had a great time wandering through the zoo getting candy from costumed participants from local businesses.

It was a little on the crowded side, we went on Tuesday night, knowing that bad weather was coming in. Apparently we weren't the only folks who had that idea...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Waiting for Nana...

My mom is coming today. We're SO excited! Although the excitement is hard to maintain, since she was supposed to get here 2 hours ago. She is FINALLY on a plane, but it's been hard to explain flight delays to a 2 year old!

In the meantime, we've been entertaining ourselves. I'm just recovering from the flu, so the house is a little more guest ready than it would have been if she had arrived as planned. The boys played outside for a while, providing our first leaf pictures of the year (after the first snow of the year, oddly - but we didn't have any charged batteries the day it snowed, so no pictures of that...)

Speaking of the flu, I hope you don't get it. Yuck.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guitar Shirts

Tobin & Luke trying on two of the new shirts I bought for Luke this fall (taken before it was cold enough for long sleeves, but I made him try them on before he took the tags off and put them away.)

Tobin fell in LOVE with this shirt. Every day for a week he asked, as I was getting him dressed, if he could wear "the guitar shirt." I finally broke down and went and got him a shirt with a guitar on it too, but I think he still prefers Lukie's.

At some point, my boys are going to outgrow letting me dress them up and take pictures of them, right? I should probably enjoy it while it lasts...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Helping Daddy Cook

Look at that cutie. Notice his spikey hair? That's his brother's influence, of course, and it sure is adorable!!

Matt is passing on a long standing family tradition. His grandfather's favorite meal was Flank Steak, his mom's favorite was flank steak, and Matt's favorite is flank steak (followed closely by Chicken Marsala, and my cheese enchiladas.) The first time Matt came and visited me in College Station, we made flank steak (we had to call him mom from the grocery store to make sure we were getting the right kind of wine for the marinade, which is soy sauce, garlic and burgundy wine. I thought it was cute that he called his mom.)

Now, for both of our boys, flank steak is a favorite.

We celebrated Matt's mom's birthday Sunday evening, and of course we brought flank steak.

Here's Tobin "helping" Daddy get it ready.

This last one is just a freebie. The expression on his face cracks me up. I was just trying to get him to stop helping for a minute and smile for the camera, but it looks like he's UP to something. Ha!

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