Monday, March 29, 2010

Dirt Party!

Tobin 3rd Birthday Invitation
For T’s 3rd birthday I had so many fun ideas – I really thought we’d have a dinosaur party, since he’s practically obsessed with dinos right now. Plus we have the awesome dino suitcase…  But he wouldn’t have any of that business. Every time I asked him what he wanted to do for his party, he said, “I want to have a DIRT party!” So, a dirt party it was!

I thought the invitations came out Dirt Party 009really cute…and the cake was easy. I made The Pioneer Woman’s Best Sheet Cake Ever – just the cake not the frosting. Then I made whipped cream & cream cheese frosting (like is used on this cake) & frosted the cake with that. I also whipped up a bunch of extra whipped cream, which I mounded onto the cake to make a little mountain. I covered the whole thing with crushed oreo crumbs, added gummy worms, & part of our large and varied collection of construction trucks and Voila! Cuteness!

Dirt Party 004When I told Tobin what I was going to do for the cake (just that it would be cookies made to look like dirt, and that I was going to use his dump trucks), he made a special point of asking if the dump trucks would be full of dirt. Each kid (L & T, plus Anna & Ellery) got a dump truck or construction truck on their plate – they were very excited.

Super cute, am I right? And a VERY easy theme. Other than the invitations & the cake, I had sand Dirt Party 008pails for the kids** and they dug in the dirt/sandbox/rock pile in the back yard for an hour while the burgers were grilling, and the adults were gorging themselves on guacamole. Tobin has a shirt that has a dump truck & says “DIRT DIRT DIRT” on it, so he wore that :). Yay for easy party ideas!

Dirt Party 036
** The sand pails ended up being a bit of a disaster. I bought them when Tobin wasn’t with me – they were $1 each, and I thought that would be a nice addition to the theme. I got pink/purple princess ones for the girls, and a Toy Story one for Tobin – he got a Toy Story Bike for his birthday, and has Buzz & Woody boots, a lunchbox, he loves those guys. He should have been thrilled, right? Wrong. He wanted the pink one. 10 minutes before our guests were arriving, he was WAILING away in his room that pink is his FAVOWITE color!
Coming soon: The BEST part of the dirt party (hint: It’s egg-citing!)

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