Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Crafty...Money Trees & Sucker Trees

So I've found a new obsession and time-waster. I know - when do I have time, in between taking care of two busy boys, and my new hobbies of baking & knitting?? Well, baking and knitting fall under this category, but mostly I've been trying to find some creative outlet. One of the hard parts of being a SAHM is the same-ness of everything. Almost everything I do (laundry, cleaning, helping the boys, even cooking. Certainly mopping the floor and cleaning the toilet...) needs to be done again soon. Or immediately. I'm very thankful for the chance to still be involved in ministry & have time for college girls, but there's also a fair amount of time that I'm stuck at home, either during the day or after the kids are in bed. And I just can't take a life that's all laundry and wiping the toilet again today....

But I do want to be productive in that time...hence the knitting and baking. And my new (or return to) craftiness. The obsession and time-waster is looking at craft websites for inspiration. Wow. There are some creative women out there. A HUGE number of them are Mormon, isn't that odd? (I'm sure that there are tons of non-mormon crafty-women, but they're not blogging about it. I'm not kidding, probably 95% of the craft blogs I've seen - and that's a fair few - are done by mormon women in Utah or Idaho. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just interesting.

So mostly I've been just looking at other people's creativity. But I did get some inspiration for the centerpieces for Linda's retirement party - I offered to do them, and wanted to do something using play money and/or dum dum suckers. Linda worked at a bank, and they gave away dum dums to kids who came in.  I found some gals who blogged about a kissing ball made out of book pages & that gave me the idea for these (I'd link to the kissing balls, or similar wreaths made of book pages, but I can't find them anymore...):

And then I thought I could do the same thing with the suckers, and got this:

 Super cute, yes? I made 3 of each - I gave 1 set to Linda, and we gave away one of the sucker ones as the prize for the trivia contest. That left me with one sucker one - which is being used as a cute spring decoration with Easter-ish stuff on our table right now. I also had 2 money ones, which don't really make much sense... So I spray painted them today, while I was working on another super-crafty project (pictures coming soon), and now I have these.

That's the same money ones - just spray painted and glitter sprayed (not that you can see the glitter in the picture). I'll probably do something to the tins at some point...but I like them simple as well...

I made some stuff for the house when we were first married, but once T was born, I fell away from that quite a bit (nursing and glue guns don't really mix.) I had kind of forgotten how much I love making things.