Sunday, March 28, 2010

More KC Adventures (30 hours in Kansas City…)

Kansas City 030After that we headed to our hotel to get checked in and settled. For dinner we headed out to Legends to go to the T-Rex Cafe, which was so much fun!! I’d been to the one at Downtown Disney when I was in Florida with my mom (for the Shuttle launch in May), but the boys had never even seen one.

Kansas City 033 Kansas City 034

It’s basically the same design as a Rainforest Cafe, if you’ve ever been to one of those. The boys LOVED it – every 30 minutes or so, there’s a “meteor shower”, when the lights dim and flicker, the lava screen (which we were right underneath) goes crazy, and all the animatronic dinosaurs move and roar. I wondered if that would be a little much for T, but nope. He held my hand and said, “What’s going to happen??” (his standard response to anything scary), then said, “It’s OK, it’s just pretend!”

In addition to yummy food surrounded by dinosaurs (and $1.99 kids meals on Wednesday nights, which was awesome for us), they have a dino dig and mine for kids to play in.

Kansas City 035 Kansas City 045

It was a great day!

But the kids’ favorite thing? Getting to sleep in the big hotel bed together:

Kansas City 047

The simple joys in life!

(In case you’re wondering what we did on Thursday…it was pretty rainy and cold, and we didn’t take any pictures. We had the free breakfast at our hotel, walked around the Plaza a little bit – just long enough to find a great castle and mini-kitchen for Tobin on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids. Lucky I had birthday money for him from my mom!  Then drove through Chic-Fil-A on our way back to Lincoln – always a treat!!)