Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February #3: The Science Fair

Since he was in the first grade, Luke has wanted to participate in the science fair. It's usually on Thursday night, which is a hard night for us. Plus, it's optional, and as much as Luke is a great student, he also often likes the idea of optional things more than the actual doing of them. Every year we've talked about it, and decided that we just can't manage it, but last year I practically swore to him that he could do it in the 4th grade. So this was our year :).

We certainly had a wonderful introduction - Luke decided to work with one of the girls we carpool with, Alex S., and their friend Mary, who was in Luke's class last year. They did "Optical Illusions, Blind Spots, and the Eye." It seems like they really had fun gathering their research and worked well together. And as an added bonus, Alex's dad is a former 5th grade science teacher (current principal), and so he did an activity with them that he used to do with his students - he ordered cow eyeballs for them to dissect. That's right, COW EYEBALLS. They each got one to work with, and then an extra to have (parts of) at their display. Luke thought it was AWESOME, of course (and so did Matt, who was there for the dissection.) They did a great job, and the fair itself was very well run. Luke had a great time - because they did well, but also because they were judged relatively early and then he got to go hang out with his friends who were selling things to raise money for Haiti**.

* Don't you think it's funny that when I blog about Luke, it's science fair projects and athletics, and when I blog about Tobin, it's, "Look! He put underwear on his head!!" I think that about sums up the 2 worlds - school world and toddler world - our family lives in (not that Luke doesn't put underwear on his head too...)

** The fourth graders at Luke's school brainstormed in their reading class about ways they could raise money for Haiti. They researched and decided to sell wristbands that say "Help Hill Help Haiti", and popcorn balls from a local shop. So far they've raised $1,700!!

Coming next: February #4: Luke's Birthday!