Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I've been doing II

Oh dear. 2010 has not been the most consistent on the Meyer family blog, now has it? I could blame it on the fact that I've been having computer troubles, and they just got fully resolved this week - but the truth is that I was behind before that happened.  I looked over the what I've been doing post from late January and laughed - almost everything listed there still applies, to some degree.
  • My computer died the day I was stuck at home AGAIN with a sickie Tobin. This time it was a stomach bug, which only lasted 6 hours, but is so tragic when they're so little. He's almost 3 and this is his 3rd stomach virus. I have to say I vastly prefer having an almost 3-year old throw up. He could tell me his tummy hurt, which meant #1 I could rush him to the toilet or have a trash can handy, meaning little mess to clean up and #2 avoid him actually throwing up in my face, thus avoiding getting the stomach bug myself (YAY!) It's still miserable to watch your kiddie be sick - I thought a lot about moms for whom that is more of a daily reality.
  • Praise the LORD I think our days of being snowed in are over for the year. We've even had some sunshine, although we're taking a break from that at the moment, and the snow made one last appearance Thursday morning. Tobin was ecstatic, Luke was frustrated and angry.
  • Still knitting and baking, although I've slowed down a bit on both. Knitting is less motivating when it's not so cold... And I had to let up on the baking a little because otherwise we're going to outgrow all our clothes and we can't afford to buy more. Also, Dan Lehman gave us an Amish Friendship Bread starter a couple of weeks ago, and that might be my baked goods limit for the year. I've never successfully completed one, I've always forgotten about them and guiltily thrown them away. This time I was determined, but unsure it would be worth all that work. Um? Yes. Amazing. But definitely meant to be consumed by people who are farming and doing everything by hand - definitely expending more calories than I do in a day.
  • I haven't been scrapbooking at all...but  I have been working on another blog that I've started, which is probably the main reason (other than computer issues) that I've gotten so behind on our family blog. That sounds funny - like I've been running around on you with another blog - it's not you, it's me! Along with some of the women who serve with me @ Campus Impact, I've started a blog encouraging college & young adult women to seek the Lord: It's been really fun so far, and I like having an outlet for my thoughts, and the great discipline required to force my random thoughts into something coherent and readable. I love sharing what I'm learning, although it's weird, since I'm used to mostly sharing on here what's going on with the boys.
Speaking of what's going on with the boys... Here's Tobin's new favorite joke.

 Luke wasn't around when this happened, but I showed him the picture, and when I was reading to T before bedtime, L did his own version and I thought T was going to fall off my lap laughing. My boys are so fun.

I have a TON more pictures to put up...I'm going to start working on them now, but probably will schedule them to post over the next few days, so there's not so much going up at once!