Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dodgeball Party!!

If you have an 11 boy (or a boy or girl age 6 or older, who likes to be crazy), and you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest party idea, I can tell you: DODGEBALL.

 Such an easy, cheap, great party idea that 2 years ago when we had a 9 year old birthday party, we decided our next party would be a do-over. So. much. fun. (and so easy for mom.)

2 hours + 9 boys + 6 dads + 11 balls + 4 gallons of Gatorade = FUN

We used our church gym, and I made a vat of Gatorade, had big bowls of different chips, and brownies. Easy peasie.

I can’t speak for the other dads, but Matt was exhausted, and SORE. And the boys claim a win… I guess it’s good to be 11.

We always say “no gifts” for our kids’ friend parties – mostly because they have 5 sets of grandparents and have everything they need. And also because we want them to be excited about being with their friends rather than getting stuff.

This year, Luke decided to go a step further. We put on the back of his invitations, “Instead of gifts, Luke would like to make a donation to Tiny Hands, International. If you would like to participate, please bring a donation of up to $5 to be given to the Restoration Project with Tiny Hands." People were very generous (and 1 family had already planned on giving to the project, so they went outside the $5 suggestion), and Luke raised $80 for Tiny Hands! Yay!

Sunday morning, he got to take the money and give it to Tiny Hands – for every $20, you get to take a HAND and move it to the board shown below, so Luke got to post 4 hands and get us closer to raising the money for our 7th micro-finance loan for a woman rescued from sex trafficking.

 So fun!!