Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coffee Cozies

I’m so excited for our adoption benefit concert tonight! But I’m not going to lie… I’ll be glad when it’s over because it has been a LOT of work. In addition to all the event planning stuff (which I love, but at some point this house is going to need to be cleaned…I’ve barely done more than feeding an clothing my family this week), I’ve also been making some cuteness to raise money for our adoption fund:

And in case, like some of my facebook friends, you look at the picture and think, “Wow, that’s kind of a weird bracelet…”:

It is a weird bracelet, but a very cute coffee sleeve (and earth friendly, since you can use this instead of the cardboard ones at your neighborhood coffee shop.) I’m absolutely obsessed with this color combination right now…I could cover the world with peacock and red.

And, since I know my customer base (here in NE at least), I also made some of these:

I only made a few Husker ones, though, and I’m expecting them to sell out tonight.

After tonight, I’ll be selling them on my etsy shop (Nebraskaree Designs :D), along with some bags and purses. But for now, I’ll focus on TONIGHT. And then have to clean some toilets, probably. Yuck. :)