Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sledding Family (minus one wimpy mom.)

DSC_7161 I have so enjoyed watching my Texas friends and family get so excited over the possibility of snow and colder weather (and then grow quickly tired of it…) My favorite comment was one facebook friend’s realization that it takes 30 minutes to get them bundled, then they stay outside for 5. Welcome to MY life.

My sister called Thursday night to tell me that she got sent home from work early, and school for her kids was already cancelled. She gleefully reported, “It’s 33 degrees and it hasn’t even started snowing & we have a snow day!!” Ah, Texas.

In case you’re tempted to respond to this and tell me that it actually was really cold for Texas and the ice is terrible… I believe that. But I should probably tell you that our high today was 2 degrees. HIGH. TWO DEGREES. Mercy. And I have to build up speed as I come up my street and blaze into my driveway, because if I slow down or (heaven forbid) stop, I’ll get stuck on the ice sheet currently coating the city of Lincoln and have to reverse all the way back to the end of the street to try again.

Anyway… a couple of Sundays ago, the day the “big storm” was blowing in, Luke’s basketball game got cancelled. Matt & Chad (our basketball coach and good friend) decided to take the kids sledding. I said, “Great, have fun!” It never occurred to me to go…I’ll stay in my warm house and have something hot for you to eat when you get home.

The boys had a BLAST.

DSC_7160DSC_7149  DSC_7162  DSC_7195

I can’t even tell which friend this is – I only know it’s not one of ours because we don’t own ski goggles, but I think his expression is PRICELESS.


Since Tobin’s mom is too wimpy to go sledding with him, his nice friend Mrs. Wendy sledded with him.DSC_7219 DSC_7224 DSC_7227 

Always with the tongue out…

DSC_7235 DSC_7256DSC_7238DSC_7233 DSC_7246 DSC_7249

Look how happy that little boy is to go sledding with his Mama. Oh. Nevermind.


It does look like a lot of fun. And I’ve done it once (almost exactly 6 years ago, on my first visit to Nebraska), so I know that I like it (as opposed to skiing, which I HATE.) Maybe next time I’ll go with them. Too bad you can’t go sledding when it’s 45degrees, I’d be all over that. I’d take even 35, but you’re risking slushy at that point…