Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic…


Luke and I are home alone tonight, which is  pretty rare. He’s had something weird going on with his eye, so I sent Tobin to Grammie’s as is usual on Thursday nights. I kept Luke here so I can keep an eye on him and take him back to the doctor if necessary (his eye is looking much better even now, so I’m pretty sure that won’t be necessary.)

We had popcorn and pop for dinner, which Luke thinks is AWESOME, and have been huddled under blankets on the couch watching TV together. As I was popping the popcorn, I realized that tomorrow (2/11) is our anniversary – 6 years ago was my first visit to Nebraska, and the first time I met Luke.

We didn’t really plan my first visit to be over Valentine’s day, we just compared both of our schedules and realized the second week in February was the best time for him to fly me up here. My friend Heather was like, “Oh, right, the second weekend in February…” Hee hee. I practically had a panic attack about whether/what to give Matt as a Valentine’s gift. We were “dating”, although we’d only had one date. And at that point, while we emailed every day, we only talked on the phone twice a week. I really didn’t know where this was headed. And I’d never given a V-day gift to a man or boy. I opted for an Aggie hat (whoop!) and making him chocolate chip cookies (his favorite…reminds me, I need to make a batch for him for this V-day!)

After picking me up at the Omaha airport, Matt took me for lunch at M’s Pub. As we walked there, he asked to hold my hand for the first time. So sweet! (And also….interdigitation.) Then we picked Luke up and went ice skating. Look what a pipsqueak Luke was:

Ree's Trip 008 Ree's Trip 018

Then I had my first and only sledding experience, because Matt knew I’d never been (and Friday was the only day it would be cold enough – by Saturday, the snow was melting and everything was slushy.)

Matt’s favorite picture of me, I think he still has it in a frame somewhere:

Ree's Trip 022


Ree's Trip 030

And also, Tobin now wears those boots and that hat. And the jacket, if I’ll let him (it’s a little ragged).

That night I met George & Renae (Matt’s dad & stepmom) and Betsy, Darren and Annalise. We had dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant in Omaha, but I don’t remember which one (just that it was good, and I was nervous, but liked them all and especially Betsy right away.) Then we drove back to Lincoln and had dessert with the Lehman family – kind of a long day, now that I think about it. I stayed in the Lehmans’ guest room, and driving from their house always reminds me of following Matt’s directions to get from there to what is now my home. Weird.

Saturday is kind of a blur for me… I don’t remember what all we did, just randomly that we got coffee at NuVibe. We also had lunch with Kyle & Jennifer Bond and Aaron and Jenn Marshbanks, which was awesome (thanks to all of their awesomeness, but also to Jenn’s ability to ask deep questions and really get to know you quickly. Love her :D).

And that night Matt took me on a date to Lazlo’s (yum) and told me that he was ready to “take it to the next level” (name that movie). He said with both our ministry schedules that would have to be either in the summer or Christmas, and he thought Christmas was too long to wait. And then I stopped breathing for a while and don’t remember much else.  He told me I didn’t have to answer right away, I could think about it. :)

Sunday we had church, my first College Worship Hour (where Anne Watson took me under her wing, what a blessing, I was feeling very awkward.) Afterwards, we had lunch with Matt’s mom and stepdad & Betsy’s family, and got ready for the baptism service that night. I’m so thankful that even though I hardly knew them at the time, I got to be there when Bill & Sara were baptized. What a blessing. And I fell in love with Sara at first sight – she was exactly what I’d prayed for in a mother-in-law (for those of you who know her, I had prayed that if I ever got married, I’d have a MIL like Mom Fisher…and God said YES.)

Luke loved seeing his letters from preschool, which used to cover the dining room wall, but otherwise he thinks the pictures of our house 6 years ago are “creepy.” :)

Ree's Trip 043

And check out Annalise!!

Ree's Trip 046

Monday we had lunch (just Matt & I) at Green Gatau…see how many of my favorite Lincoln places I got to meet that weekend? I wasn’t planning on telling Matt what I was thinking (I wanted to pray longer and just generally give myself more time to adjust), but over lunch I blurted out, “Christmas seems to far away to me too!” Eek.

Here we are at the airport before I flew back to College Station…

Matt & Ree 002

It was a great visit. I loved meeting all of Matt’s friends and family, and worked really hard not to picture myself living here. Other random things I remember: Driving on 9th or 10th street and seeing the sign for the “Germans from Russia” museum. What? I still wonder about that. Everyone kept apologizing for the slushy weather and blackish old snow. I didn’t understand at the time – I was just happy it wasn’t two degrees – now I get it. And several times throughout the weekend when we saw friends of Luke’s – neighbors and kids at his home daycare – they asked, “Is that your new mommy?” And I was like “EEK! Awkward!” Luke ignored them completely. :)

But the thing that I remember most is falling in love with a little blond blue-eyed cutie.

Ree's Trip 069

Who could resist that smile?