Monday, November 9, 2009

My sister & part of her family were here too...

The day after Halloween, Khymberly, Alyssa & baby Langston arrived to join the party. K & A came up to go to the So You Think You Can Dance concert - tickets were my mom's birthday gift to each of us; L came because he still flies for free. That left my BIL Brandon home with my nephew Logan. We were sad not to have them with us for a full house. Whenever we talked about who was coming, Tobin would say, "Aunt Khymberly, Alyssa, Baby Langston, and NOT Logan." He'll be glad to see Logan at Christmas!!

Luke isn't in many of these pics b/c he was at school during the day except for the last day they were here, and I don't have those pictures (they are on my mom's camera, which is sadly, back in TX now. Not really sad about the camera, just the mom!)