Sunday, November 22, 2009

Luke part 2

For school this week, Luke has to write a 5 paragraph essay (yes, he's in the 4th grade...) about something that surprised him. We brainstormed ideas on the way home from church today, which was harder than I would have thought. He hasn't been surprised very much, since I'm not good at keeping good secrets. We did think of a Christmas he was really surprised by, but it involves Santa, and not all the kids in his class are in on that gig yet, and he doesn't want to be the one to break it to them. So he went with Tobin's birth.

I had to share. The ending is precious, but first paragraph itself is worth GOOD money. As in, priceless.

Here it is. Before you start reading, I'll remind you that Tobin was born in late March. In Nebraska. There was snow on the ground (that was the year of the late snowstorm, which killed all the tulips and ripped the blossoms off our pear tree just as they were budding.) It had warmed up somewhat, but it was still Nebraska in late March...

OK, read on:


The day my brother was Born

It was a hot spring day. I felt like a piece of gold getting melted by a blow torch. My mom had been pregnant for about 8 months. We were expecting a baby sometime soon. That’s how it all started.

On March 26th when I got home from school my grandma and grandpa were there. When they told me what had happened I felt like I was going to faint. We rushed to the hospital and that was the first time I had met my baby brother.

The Christmas before that we went to Texas where my nana and paw-paw lived. My mom had made me a shirt that said” I’m a big brother”. When we got to Texas I had my shirt on. My nana didn’t even notice until my mom said something about it. That was the first person I surprised.

The second person was my Paw Paw. He noticed my shirt but didn’t read it. But a few minutes later he was asking my mom tons of questions about him.

I’m never going to forget that day my brother was born. I’m hoping I can get another brother. Except no day will ever be exactly like that day. My brother is the best brother I could ask for. He’s the best brother of all.