Saturday, November 21, 2009


So the major response (besides that they love it, of course) of both of my parents to our blog was to ask "Where are the pictures of Luke?" I feel like it's pretty even most of the time, they just happened to see it for the first time when there were more T adventures going on. And you have to admit the potty training stories were good for a laugh.

But far be it from me to embarrass only one of my children on the internet. We're equal opportunity around these parts.

Here's our Farmer Boy. Every year in Lincoln the fourth grade classes get to spend a day at Heritage School - they visit the Nebraska Heritage museum, and go to school in a one room school house, just like the first settlers of Nebraska. The kids are encouraged to dress appropriately for the time. Most boys are not too thrilled with this, but my boy actually loves dress up. AND he has a wonderful Grammie who managed to dig up some pretty authentic gear for us.

Luke's teacher said with his longer hair and the hat and suspenders, it really did look like he'd just wandered in from the prairie.

And for a less Little House on the Prairie...

Our son is Sasquatch. He now wears the same size as me. We just bought him new Basketball shoes (this picture was taken after BBall practice this morning), and they are GARGANTUAN. I think it's especially incongruous because the rest of him is such a stringbean. But he sure is cute. :)
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