Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just had to share...

One of my favorite websites to check and read is The Pioneer Woman. She's hilarious, and has the BEST recipes (as long as you can take the butter... the PW loves butter!). She has a cookbook that just came out, that I'm hoping to get for Christmas, and is doing a book tour that is currently not coming to Nebraska. But I'm hoping ;).

Mostly I check her site for recipes, but she also occasionally shares really random things. I think she's rubbing off on me.

We're having two Thanksgiving Dinners this year, the first tomorrow at Bill & Sara's, and the second on Thanksgiving Day with George & Renae and Renae's extended family. I'm bringing Sweet Potatoes to both (I always offer to bring the sweet potatoes because one time, a long time ago, I didn't and someone made the kind that are just sliced and floating in syrup. Yuck. Mashed, with brown sugar, is probably my favorite thing about Thanksgiving, although Sara's stuffing and my Brother-in-Law Darren's mashed potatoes are gaining steadily.)

Anyway... For the Sweet potatoes I'm making for Bill & Sara's, Mama Sara always gives me Sweet Potatoes from her garden. They're always giant, and fresh from the dirt, but other than that, they're recognizable as sweet potatoes.

This is what I got this year:

What?? Is this normal?

And if so, who knew Sweet Potatoes in their natural state look so much like our Colons? (sorry.)

Also, how do they make the ones you buy in stores look like normal potatoes? Come to think of it, do normal potatoes grown in nature do this too? I've had white potatoes from Sara's garden too, but they were just smallish, normal potatoes.

For contrast, this is what the sweet potatoes I bought at the store for my second dish look like:

Again, one from the garden.

That's one potato. I cut it into 3 large chunks to bake it. We'll see how long it takes.

Another question... What's the difference between a Sweet Potato and a Yam? Are they the same thing? Am I really making yams, and calling them sweet potatoes? Does anyone know?

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