Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Adventures…

Kansas City 046 Unfortunately for our family, the university and the public schools rarely coordinate their Spring Breaks. That means last week, Matt was in Colorado all week with college students & I was home with the boys, living our normal lives. Then this week, for Luke’s Spring Break, we didn’t really plan anything because we have college ministry stuff going on, and I didn’t want to take the boys somewhere by myself, and be away from Matt again. On Monday I was a little whiny about Matt getting to have all the fun while I was stuck here entertaining the boys (lovely, right? It even included the phrase, “It’s not fair!”, which I hardly tolerate from my children, but apparently I’m allowed…)

Once I settled down (and because my husband is very sweet and all-around AWESOME), we talked it through and decided to drive to Kansas City (3 hours away) Wednesday morning, spend the night, and get back in time for Real Time on Thursday. We didn’t tell the boys – we woke them up Wednesday morning, with their bags packed and already in the van. Luke was SO CURIOUS! (T was just happy to get to watch a movie in the van – he asks every time we go anywhere, but we only do DVDs in the van on longer trips.)

It was a great time, and really good to be all together and for the boys to get some daddy time after doing without for a week.

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the Crown Center. We had lunch at Fritz’s, where you order by phone and your food is delivered by model train (please imagine the excitement of our now-3-year-old!)

Kansas City 001  Kansas City 005 Kansas City 006 Kansas City 010

Then we headed over to Kalaidascope, which is an AWESOME art studio next door to the Hallmark Visitor Center. It’s free, and they have all kinds of art projects around for kids of all ages to work on.

Kansas City 014 Kansas City 019

They even have a puzzle maker – you draw on a piece of cardboard, then run it through the puzzle machine. T would have done just that all afternoon if he could have.

Kansas City 026

The rest of our KC Adventure coming soon!