Saturday, October 31, 2009


My mom is in town this week. Yay Nana!! The boys are having a super time, both because she's here, but also because it's Fall Break. Why didn't (don't) we get Fall Break in Texas? It sure is nice to have a week off in the middle of the busy-ness of Fall!!

I'm really thankful that I was (mostly) feeling better by the time mom got here. At least my fever had broken, and I have been coughing less and less.

My mom has started an unfortunate tradition. None of us have ever had any trouble flying in or out of Omaha. As a matter of fact, since I moved here, I've never had any flight delays, even because of bad weather. This is now the second trip where mom was hardly able to get out of Houston. 2 years ago, she ended up spending all day in the Houston airport because of torrential downpours, and then got stuck for hours in the Detroit airport, of all places.

This year, it was raining in Houston again, so mom's plane was delayed waiting for a flight crew. When the crew finally arrived, they had lost a flight attendant and couldn't find her. Her flight came in about 5 hours late, and we were sure happy to see her! It is awfully hard to explain flight delays to a 2 year old!!
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