Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Helping Daddy Cook

Look at that cutie. Notice his spikey hair? That's his brother's influence, of course, and it sure is adorable!!

Matt is passing on a long standing family tradition. His grandfather's favorite meal was Flank Steak, his mom's favorite was flank steak, and Matt's favorite is flank steak (followed closely by Chicken Marsala, and my cheese enchiladas.) The first time Matt came and visited me in College Station, we made flank steak (we had to call him mom from the grocery store to make sure we were getting the right kind of wine for the marinade, which is soy sauce, garlic and burgundy wine. I thought it was cute that he called his mom.)

Now, for both of our boys, flank steak is a favorite.

We celebrated Matt's mom's birthday Sunday evening, and of course we brought flank steak.

Here's Tobin "helping" Daddy get it ready.

This last one is just a freebie. The expression on his face cracks me up. I was just trying to get him to stop helping for a minute and smile for the camera, but it looks like he's UP to something. Ha!

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