Friday, September 25, 2009


These are from a couple of weeks ago - when I still had a pony tail (got my hair chopped on Friday). I've been having trouble uploading and gave up/forgot about it. But these are too cute to keep to myself!

T has been really interested in my ponytail (tony-nail) for a while now. As I'm holding him before bed time (one of two times he allows me to hold him for any length of time - he's pretty cuddly in the mornings too), he'll play with my ponytail, and he's always asking if he can have one.

Of course, he also calls his toe nails tony-nails, and wants me to "clippy" them, but we're trying to clear that up.

Anyway... A couple of weeks ago I was folding laundry in my room & I heard Tobin getting upset. I checked on him & he was sitting on the floor of his room with his lion and a "tony nail" holder, very frustrated that it wouldn't work. So of course I helped him give his "wion" a "tony nail." He was ecstatic.

As it turns out, he spent the next half hour or so taking care of his pony-tailed lion. He got the lion all set up in his bed, covered up with the blankets, surrounded by his other animal friends (none of them have hair long enough for a tony-nail.) Then he read them books, sang them the good night songs we sing him, then said "special things" to them (Matt has special things he says to each of the boys at bed time.) Then he tippy-toed out of the room, saying, "Now you stay in bed until I come and get you!" (which is the last thing I say to him at nap time, not that he listens to me or stays in his bed most days...)

Who could resist this??

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