Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Psalm 73:28

This is for Susie...she couldn't believe I took this video and hadn't shared it yet :)

When I was pregnant with Tobin I came across Psalm 73:28 and decided that of all the things I could ask God for this little baby, my first request would be that he would know that the nearness of God is his good, and that he would find in the Lord God a refuge. I painted the verse on a canvas that hangs over his dresser/changing table. Among Tobin's first words were "Was Dat?" (translation: What's that?), which he would ask about EVERYTHING in his new talking stage, even things he knew very well. Whenever we changed his diaper, he would point at his verse and say, "Was Dat?" We would tell him that it is his verse and ask if he wanted to hear it. He would always laugh and smile when we read it to him (and I'm guessing, although we never really thought about it, that we did say it rather dramatically.) This has continued for the past almost year...

Last month as Matt was changing Tobin's diaper, Tobin asked (as always) about his verse. But this time, as Matt said it, Tobin joined in. Wow. What a little sponge.

Here you go:

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