Saturday, September 12, 2009

TMI? But he sure is cute!

Just making sure you never have to wonder what's going on at the Meyer house. This is it.

The famous FROGGY potty.

And please notice Micky Mouse.

Yes. He's wearing Nemo underwear. Boy panties, I used to call them, but I found out boys don't like that much.

In my potty training research, I came across a theory that if you give your child a doll (preferably one that wets) and let them teach the doll how to go potty, it really helps them grasp the concept.

I wasn't about to shell out cash for a Betsy Wetsy for my son, and supposedly (according to anyone except the folks who sell the wetsy doll) it works just as well with any doll. So...we recruited Mickey. Tobin helped him get his boy panties on (see, I did it again), taught him how to sit on the potty & I did sound effects. Then we did the pee pee dance for Mickey. It was a big hit. We took Mickey around with us everywhere (but he had to stay in the van when we went to the library, for Luke's sake). Very effective.

For one day. Then Tobin told me the next day, "No thanks, Mama. I pee pee in my diaper." Does it count as potty trained if they only do it every other (or every third or fourth) day?
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