Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here's the new activity at our house... T got this hot wheels big wheel from my mom for Christmas last year. He's loved it since then, but until about a week ago, he just pushed with his feet. He's been able to reach the pedals for about 4 months now, but couldn't turn (because turning took one foot out of pedal range), and mostly just went backwards (producing much frustration, and cries of "MAMA! I'm going BACKWARDS!!!")

Now that he can pedal, and pedal forward, and turn... Well. Here's what we do for fun:

T is super cute here, but I have to say my favorite thing about this is L with his mile long legs on the other "motor-cy-cycle." Hilarious.

(p.s. Please excuse the deafening cicadas. Surprisingly enough, we didn't even notice that they were loud that night. You'd think it was the plague of the locusts.)