Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I continue to be so thankful to be HOME. I love Africa, and would have loved staying there for as long as needed (or even longer)....except that 3/5s of my family was in the US. So this is where I'm happy to be.

Coming home was such a whirlwind. I picked up Micah's passport Monday morning, went straight to the embassy to turn it in. Had our exit interview that afternoon, where I was surprised to be approved for his visa and immigration to the states on the spot (I was the last of the families to be interviewed that day, and the rest were all told they'd have to wait and would be called when they were approved.) Wednesday afternoon I picked up Micah's passport with his visa in it, and we said goodbye to our friends and got on a plane that evening. 30 hours later, we were walking through the Omaha airport, introducing Micah to his family and being reunited with my loves. AMAZING.

There are some homecoming pictures in our video (click the link to go to that post). I thought I'd share some of my favorites here, so you don't have to click pause to really look at them.

Finally with all 3 of my boys...so happy :)

If you're ever meeting someone at the airport with their arriving child... I'd highly recommend bringing balloons. Someone told me this and boy am I glad I followed that advice, if only because it resulted in this darling picture!

Ready for Nebraska!

We headed over to Grisanti's for dinner. I knew it might be overwhelming for both Micah and for me, but I didn't want to spend just 10 minutes at the airport with all my people, after being away for so long. 
Also: Chicken Marsala.
Meeting his Opi...
 and Grammie.

 Micah & I drew kind of a crowd at our end of the table...

After dinner, we headed back to Lincoln. Micah and I both CRASHED on the way home, but Matt woke me up when we got to our neighborhood so I would be sure to see this waiting for us on the yards down our street:

Precious friends from my prayer group did this. What a darling homecoming. We have the signs in our garage, I can't bear to get rid of them. What a fun surprise!!