Saturday, November 6, 2010

Disney Travelogue #6 (Epcot)

We spent our last day at Epcot… Love.

My cutie nephews…

Darlenes Disney Pics 114

Cousin love:

Darlenes Disney Pics 117

We spent some time in Innoventions, which is kind of a hands-on science museum. We spent most of our time there in the Recycling challenge (not that our family is ever so environmentally conscious – although we try. We were drawn there by the giant garbage truck, irresistible to our boys.)

This was a video game where you sorted the recycling you’d gathered…

Darlenes Disney Pics 120 

Which you gathered using this giant (and heavy) recycling truck/cart (which is the draw of the entire exhibit, I’m sure.)

Darlenes Disney Pics 131

One of our favorite things @ Epcot is the Seas exhibit, featuring the Finding Nemo ride…

Darlenes Disney Pics 002 Darlenes Disney Pics 003

And Turtle Talk with Crush, an interactive and hilarious show where Crush from Finding Nemo talks to the audience (And teaches them to “Turtle Talk.” Including saying “DUDE!” a lot. Awesome.) I had to carry Tobin out of the room crying, “No! I want to talk to Cwush some more!!”


They have wonderful aquariums, which Khymberly’s boys LOVED.

Darlenes Disney Pics 042 Darlenes Disney Pics 047 Darlenes Disney Pics 055 Darlenes Disney Pics 056

In the afternoon we headed over to the World Showcase (my favorite). It was super crowded – the only crowds we encountered. It was Friday late afternoon by that time, and the Epcot Food and Wine festival was going on. In addition to the regular country showcases, there were booths from many other countries where you could sample cuisine from all over the world.

And we ran into our friends Todd & Mikki and their family! I love this picture – it looks like the Meyers and the Sandins in China!

Darlenes Disney Pics 099 

We finished the day with another Grand Gatherings meal – this one was my favorite. It was in the Odyssey Center, and rather than just one restaurant, they had food from all over the world showcase. Delish.

 Darlenes Disney Pics 106

Afterwards, they had a kids program…Darlenes Disney Pics 112

And dance party with Minnie and Goofy!!Darlenes Disney Pics 130

(Tobin started the dance party with Minnie Mouse, and after 2 songs holding her hands, I went and told him he needed to let some other kids have a turn dancing with Minnie. His feelings were so hurt - “I want Minnie!!”)

Darlenes Disney Pics 160

Then they walked us over to a special roped off seating section – for dessert and front row seats for the fireworks. Epcot’s fireworks are amazing, my absolute favorite of any I’ve ever seen. We were so close I had to shield my eyes from the fire, it was so bright.

Darlenes Disney Pics 165

After the fireworks, the castmembers who had led us to our dessert location with lightsticks let the boys play with their light sticks. :)

Darlenes Disney Pics 184

And then we went home and CRASHED.

Darlenes Disney Pics 189

Tobin is cuddling with the stuffed Figment (from the World of Imagination ride) Nana got him. He picked that out as his “one toy he wanted more than any other.” After buying Figment, we were in our hotel gift shop, and he wanted  a stuffed Eeyore. I considered it, but he got distracted and put the Eeyore down, so I thought we were in the clear.

On the bus back to the airport, Langston had a bigger stuffed Eeyore – and I could hear from the seat behind us that Tobin thought Langston had something of his. As we were getting off the bus (Khymberly’s family stayed on, they left from another terminal), Tobin completely melted down, thinking that Langston had HIS Eeyore. He kept saying, “No, you bought me an Eeyore! That’s MY Eeyore!” Oops.

Lucky for me, as we were checking in for our flight, my mom made a quick swing by the store in the airport and picked up an Eeyore. Tobin ADORES it, and has slept with it every night since then. I guess Nana knows best. :)