Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney Travelogue #1

Darlenes Disney Pics 040 So thankful for time with my sweet family! My mom (Nana!) took our family, my sister Khymberly’s family, and my brother and his fiancée (Michael & Lesli) to Disney World for a week.

We stayed in family suites at the All-Star Music, which were AWESOME. Having a child (T) who is so social he practically can’t sleep if there are people around (for example: Not sleeping at all in the van, even on 15 hour trips.), it was so nice to have a suite. No hiding under the covers as he says, “I can SEE you!”

We left last Sunday after church, and arrived just in time to say hi to everyone and go to bed. Monday morning, we headed to Disney’s Hollywood studios…one of our favorite parks because it’s home to the Rock & Roller Coaster. Mom took us 4 years ago, when I was preggers with Tobin, and I didn’t get to ride ANYTHING (just the baby rides, which were fun :D). I loved getting to do whatever I wanted and have never been happier to not be pregnant!

Darlenes Disney Pics 060First on the list of things to do: Toy Story Mania, in which you ride through scenes with characters from the movies and play laser gun games. Super fun. Even waiting in line was fun, since you’re walking through board games and scenes from the movie as you wait (and this was our longest wait – 40 minutes or so. We didn’t know it at the time, but we could have waited until later and practically walked on…)

Lesli & Alyssa…

 Darlenes Disney Pics 062

Darlenes Disney Pics 064

My mom, Alyssa, Khymberly & her youngest, Langston…

Darlenes Disney Pics 066

Leslie & Michael…

Darlenes Disney Pics 067

Logan, Khymberly, Alyssa, Luke and Tobin!

Darlenes Disney Pics 078 

It’s a 3D ride!

Darlenes Disney Pics 080 \

The cousins had a super time together. All Luke’s girl cousins want to grow up and marry him, you know…

Darlenes Disney Pics 081

And after the ride, we found some green army men to play with!

Darlenes Disney Pics 082 Darlenes Disney Pics 083

Then we got picked up by the claw…

Darlenes Disney Pics 002

strapped the boys to some rockets,

 Darlenes Disney Pics 004 Darlenes Disney Pics 005

And rode in Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceship. Good times :).

Darlenes Disney Pics 085

Later that day, Khymberly & I took Alyssa and the 3 little boys (Logan, Tobin & Langston) to the Playhouse Disney show while the rest of the adults and Luke rode the Rock & Roller Coaster.

IMG_0952 IMG_0954

Tobin was MESMERIZED and Logan almost got away from me making a run for the stage when Handy Manny showed up. We loved everyone, but Tobin was especially happy that DARBY (from My Friends Tigger and Pooh) showed up, she is his favorite. Every time we talked about having breakfast with Tigger & Pooh (which we did Tuesday morning, pictures coming soon), he asked, “Will Darby be there??”


Then we went to the Beauty and the Beast show, where Tobin was again Mesmerized (Luke was riding Rock & Roller Coaster for the 3rd and more time, with Nana.)

IMG_0963 IMG_0965

Then Khymberly & I took our turn on the Rock & Roller Coaster (and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – the one ride I didn’t make Luke ride, since I don’t actually care for it myself. I was quickly reminded why.)

Darlenes Disney Pics 016

Meanwhile, everyone else headed over to the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” playset.

IMG_1004IMG_0992  Darlenes Disney Pics 074