Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disney Travelogue #7: Saving the BEST for last :)

Photo0001FourBySixAlmost a month later…. Here are my favorite pictures from Disney World, and some of our favorite moments: Group shots & meeting the characters.

I’m just now posting these because I just got my copies of most of them - My mom bought the rights to all the pictures we had taken by Disney photographers on our photo passes, and we just got them on CD. It was very convenient to just let them take pictures at the character greeting spots, and gave us the opportunity to get some good group shots. But we learned our lesson – we should have been taking our own, just in case. We got a great group shot the last night, with Minnie and Goofy. But something was wrong with Disney’s pictures, so we didn’t get copies of those. I really wish we’d thought to take some with our camera. Oh well…. live and learn!

Yay for fun memories!

Meeting the Little Einsteins (outside the Playhouse Disney Show):


And our favorite: Buzz Lightyear!


This one’s totally going in a frame:


For our last hour @ Hollywood Studios, everyone but Tobin & I went to ride Rock & Roller Coaster a few more times. I took Tobin to check out the character greeting area & hit pay dirt. Almost nobody there but us to meet and greet Disney friends:

Hugs-a-lot from Toy Story 3. Despite the fact that this guy is really EVIL in the movie, Tobin loves “the Hugger”.


I bought him a small Toy Story puzzle this summer. I picked out one with just Woody & Buzz, but Tobin wanted the one with all the characters – because it had this guy. I told him, “No, Tobin, he’s the bad guy.” But he said, “No, Mama, he’s just a HUGGER!”

Sorcerer Mickey – our first Mickey sighting!

 Photo0070FourBySix Photo0073FourBySix

And Chip & Dale (I took this one, so the lighting is terrible!)

Darlenes Disney Pics 094

And one of my fave pics from the trip – with Frozone and Mr. Incredible. I wondered how Tobin would react to the characters, since he’s never really experienced that before, and some kids are terrified (used to babysit for a little girl who had nightmares about the Easter Bunny year round.)

Darlenes Disney Pics 091 

Obviously not a problem. :)

Our first morning @ the Magic Kingdom


Photo0099FourBySix Photo0128FourBySix

In front of Space Mountain in Tomorrowland – we found Alien versions of Chip & Dale (Oooooookay?)


Our pirate crew headed into the Halloween party: Photo0148FourBySix

And our family’s morning @ the Magic Kingdom by ourselves.

 Photo0215FourBySix Photo0221FourBySix

(The photographer told Tobin to look suprised. Hee hee!)

With pirate Goofy outside Pirates of the Caribbean:

Photo0246FourBySix Photo0255FourBySix 

And some of our best shots, at the character spot at Epcot (Luke was in Spaceship Earth with Nana and Alyssa). Now I just have to decide which ones to print and frame. :)

Photo0322FourBySix Photo0330FourBySix Photo0338FourBySix

Minnie Mouse was a total HIT. He LOVED her, I could hardly get him away.

Photo0346FourBySix Photo0349FourBySix

I mean, look how happy he is! Are you kidding me?

Photo0355FourBySix Photo0361FourBySix Photo0365FourBySix

And Daddy found us at the end of the line, with Goofy. So I got a picture of THREE Goofys. :)