Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One last thing from Soccer Camp…

I’ve talked a lot about how much fun Luke had at British Soccer camp. But I forgot to mention how much Tobin enjoyed it also. He talked about it all week long, and everywhere we drove, he asked, “Is this the way to soccer camp?”

He loves soccer and can’t wait until it’s his turn to play. Last week Luke set up the cones and they played in the living room for a loooooong time (I encouraged them to go outside, but it was either blazing hot or pouring rain – that’s the only kind of weather we had last week.) They’ve done this before – but this time, Luke taught Tobin how to be the goalie.

Remember that next time you’re in a hard goal-tending situation: When in danger, just pick up and move the goal! :)

You know, it gets pretty noisy (and sometimes doesn’t smell very pleasant), but I really do love living with these boys!