Monday, June 14, 2010

Doughboys with David…

I’ve had several folks ask what Doughboys are, since I’ve mentioned them multiple times on Facebook. They are a little piece of paradise, and have almost obliterated S’mores as the campfire treat for our family. Our friend Dan grew up making them, and we have doughboys every chance we get for a fire with the college group.

Specifically… They are canned buttermilk biscuits (Pillsbury, the cheapo store brand does not work as well), which you – one at a time - wind around the top of a wooden dowel (once it’s used this way, it is a “doughboy stick”.) You roast it slowly over hot coals (flames are too hot) until it’s golden brown. And this is when it gets good: When it’s done enough to slide off the doughboy stick, you drop it into melted butter, and then cover it with cinnamon/sugar. And then you die from Yumminess.

Despite the raging heat, we had a fire in our fire pit Friday night so that we could introduce David to doughboys on our last night with him.

 Doughboys with David 001 Doughboys with David 002 Doughboys with David 003  

Doughboys with David 006

Of course they were a hit, because who wouldn’t like buttery – cinnamony – dough? Unfortunately, he probably can’t have them in his homeland, since in the UK, biscuits are cookies, and they don’t pop out of a can. But they sure are good.