Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Matt teases me…but I get the kids a first day of summer present every year, which we give to them the first day after school is over. I love to celebrate, and I love making things special. We don’t spend a lot, and we don’t buy our kids toys/non-necessities very often, if at all, except as birthday/Christmas presents. So I feel just fine about getting them a few treats for the summer. Are you wondering why Matt would tease me? He says I’ll use any excuse for a celebration and a present – valentine’s presents, Easter presents, St. Patrick’s day presents, May Day presents, and now a summer present! For the record, I do get treats for Valentine’s and Easter (but just candy usually), and have never in my life bought a St. Patrick’s Day or May Day gift (I don’t even celebrate May Day because I’d never heard of it before I moved to Nebraska – except maybe in Little House on the Prairie.) He’s all talk – I know he loves it too. :)
Anyway… I got us a new sprinkler, because ours was from before Matt & I got married, and has been destroyed over the years. I got Luke mostly books – a new Bible study he & Matt are going to work on together, the latest in a series he’s loved reading, and Star Wars trivia book that he’s been wanting for months (that retails for $30…but which I got on half.com for under FIVE, including shipping. I’m pretty impressed with myself.) For Tobin, I got some sand toys and a bubble gun.
We went to a graduation party for my friend Ashley last month, and someone had bubble guns for the kids to play with – boy was THAT a hit! And he has LOVED having one of his own.
Bubble Gun 013 Bubble Gun 010 Bubble Gun 011 Bubble Gun 012
You know who likes bubbles almost as much as Tobin?
Bubble Gun 009 Bubble Gun 003  Bubble Gun 005   Bubble Gun 008