Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crumpets and tea and football

British Soccer 009 Last week we had our last hurrah in Soccer for the year: British Soccer Camp. Our YMCA hosts Challenger British Soccer, a week long camp coached by British soccer coaches. This is our third year doing the camp, and it’s by far the best sports camp we’ve participated in. The coaches are super enthusiastic, and they make the week really fun. Each camper is placed on a world cup team (Luke was Brazil this year),  and they gain points all week both through games and sportsmanship, as well as silly activities. Luke’s favorite: Crazy Drink day – everyone is supposed to make their own drink for the coaches to try. Luke’s concoction this year was a Mountain Dew base, with baking cocoa, Tabasco, ketchup, British Soccer 004vinegar and salt, among other things. Then he added baking soda – but it was fizzing and fitzing so much in the fridge that we made him dump it out (Matt did the dumping, and it exploded all over our sink when he opened it.) He mixed up the same thing – minus the baking soda – the next morning and took that to camp. Only one coach was willing to try it, and he said it was horrid, made his eyes water. So I guess that was a success :).

British Soccer 001 We had the extra fun this week of hosting one of the coaches: Our new British friend David. The boys loved having him around. Tobin keeps talking about “David’s country”, although I’m not sure he understands what a country is. :)  David was a great guest, and even took it in stride when he got home from the evening camp to find our house full of college students. Unfortunately this happened on dress-up-your-coach day, so he walked into a room full of strangers with make up on.  It was fun to have even more British in our week. Luke always spends this week saying things like “brilliant!” and calling everyone “mate”. Now we had a guest who, when it was time to say good night, said, “Well, I think I’ll have a bit of a lay-in, night!”