Friday, February 24, 2012

PINNED IT & DID IT: Nutella Banana Bread

Don't get excited, it didn't come out that great (user error??)

I've had this pinned for a while, and I was super excited to try it because it involves nutella. I love nutella

(** Pinterest question: Has anyone tried to make the homemade nutella that was pinned by every person in the world 6 months ago? My SIL pinned it and tagged me. And then zillions of people repinned it without removing the tag, so I got zillions of notices. And then I learned how to turn off email notifications, because who has time for that?)

Anyhow... Here's mine:

It looks lovely, doesn't it? And it really is too bad the iPhone hasn't developed smello-vision technology, because it smelled WONDERFUL.  But... it wasn't that great.

Basically it's a standard banana bread recipe. You remove about a third of the batter and mix nutella into it. then you layer them in the pan and swirl. I don't know if I just didn't split the batter into thirds accurately, or if I didn't swirl it enough.

But the Nutella-less part was over cooked and super dry (the top got very brown, almost burned.) The part with Nutella was an ooey gooey mess. A delicious ooey gooey mess, but it was liquid. Luke refused to eat it (he thinks undercooked banana bread has the consistency of bananas. And he thinks the consistency of bananas is disgusting.)

Next week I'm going to try again (assuming we have some soft bananas around to use - I used the last ones from the freezer in this, and our family EATS BANANAS now. By the bushel it seems. Blame it on Africa.) I'm pretty picky about banana bread recipes, and have a favorite (I think a lot of recipes come out too dry.) I'm going to use my standard recipe, and try to swirl the Nutella part in more thoroughly. I'll probably also separate out more of the batter so the Nutella part isn't quite as nutella-full.

Next on my pinterest to-do list is this:

I picked out a couple of desserts in a jar as options for Luke's family birthday party on Sunday, kind of hoping that he'd pick the molten lava cake option. But you can't compete with peanut butter & chocolate in this family. This was the winner hands down.