Monday, February 20, 2012

Capture Gratitude

“There is no event so common place but that God is present within it, always hidden, always leaving you room to recognize Him or not to recognize Him.”  Fredrick Buechner               ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I missed last week & don't want this to be terribly long, so I'm going to go wordless. Well. I can't go wordless. But fewer words than usual? I hope?
They don't often look like this (usually M& L have basketball practice, so I'm home alone with the littles), but it sure is nice when they do.
Again, brotherhood doesn't always (often?) look like this... but I'm thankful when they enjoy each other. Although I'm learning that brothers getting along is sometimes louder than brothers fighting. But I like it when they get along.

Thankfully Valentines Day is easier on my than New Year's Eve. But I still feel the temptation to self-pity and unreasonable expectations. Thankful for any day I don't give into those 2 enemies!

Matt & I haven't had any time out together (alone) since before we left for Africa - so since sometime in October. We've made a concerted effort to focus on each other and our relationship - we have frequent couch dates after the kids go to bed, and have worked hard to remain connected in every way through this transition. But it was AMAZING to get off the couch and actually go out. Coffee & conversation, and a good movie (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - is that right? We kept calling it "Extremely Loud and Very Something Else". It was good. Although one of my facebook friends pointed out that maybe we had enough Extremely Loud in our life already??)

(In the interest of keeping it real, I felt very thankful and took this picture at the beginning of our game night. And I AM really thankful for a family that enjoys being together, we are COMMITTED to enjoying one another. But by the end of this particular game night, the sheer volume of not-being-listened-to from the older 2 boys and the whining from the younger 2 boys had both Matt & I ready to throw all 3 in their beds and call it a day.)

I'm having a hard time this week with the constant touch and wanting-to-be-near-me that fills the life of a mom to littles. I CHOOSE to give thanks - these days will not last forever. So I can get ready for church whilst the littles make a tent in the bathroom directly under my feet, bumping into me and running toy cars into my feet every few minutes. At least they weren't wanting me to "hold you" for a few minutes so I could blow dry my hair...

Besides, they sure are cute, no? As I blogged and worked on other things tonight, the littles played happily together (Matt & Luke were at Basketball practice). And came out to show me that they were "piwates!" I do like seeing Micah welcomed into Tobin's imaginary world of pretend and dress up. Happy.