Friday, February 10, 2012

PINNED IT AND DID IT: Easiest Hairpins EVER (30 minute craft!)

First of all, thank so much for all of the encouragement about my funky mood yesterday. It's amazing how much just writing it out helps me, and it sure is nice to receive so many kind words. I'm still thinking about the whole concept of keeping it real, so I may have more to say about that at some point (mainly: Do we think keeping it real = complaining and happiness = fakerpants?)

But in the meantime, I have another PIN accomplished this week. YAY! My main goal behind this is to do crafts with my kids - and we did one tonight while Matt & Luke went to basketball practice. But it's still drying and we'll finish it tomorrow, so you'll have to wait on that. I'm sure you'll all be on the edge of your seats to find out what we did (it involved paint and straws and only a little bit of paint drinking.)

So what I'll share this week is from my "TO MAKE FOR ME" board: Easy Peasy Hairpins, from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.

These are just as easy as promised... Definitely finished a bunch of them in one episode of Blue's Clues (thank you Netflix!)

All you need is strong glue or adhesive, bobby pins (I bought special ones with a place for a charm), and something cute to glue on. I planned on using buttons, but all of the buttons I liked had loops on the back and I wasn't sure I'd be able to snap them off. So I found other things I liked.
I couldn't find any of the glue she used in the tutorial, and I had some E-6000, which is amazing, so I used that. It worked great on the charms I picked up at Hobby Lobby. But I also tried some beads that I already had from another project...didn't work so well on those (too shiny, I think. If I try again, I'll see about sanding off the back of the beads. But I wasn't in the mood for that this time around.)

So now I have some cutie red roses...

 And some bling.

 This would be a fun craft to do with a friend or a group - especially since the bobby pins and baubles come in packs of at least 2. I only need/want one of each kind, so I'll be giving the rest away.

I wore the aqua one this week, and tried to get a picture to share... In this one I'm either thinking, "Hmmm. I don't think the camera is supposed to be in the picture." OR "Hmmm. I feel kind of like an idiot."

"Maybe it would be better if I smiled?"
 "We'll just go in for a close up."
Super cute (I think!) and super easy! Make some today!

Happy to move this one off of my "to make" list and onto my "MADE" list! Next week will be a kids' craft!