Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation: Fun City

So… What Matt & I like best about vacationing in Estes Park is the family time and being in such a beautiful place, spending so much time outside in the mountains.
What the boys like best is: Fun City. Tobin asked every day when we were going to the race car place. Good thing it’s cheap, because they LOVE IT.
Bumper cars…

A giant carpet slide...

And go carts!!

Look how happy Luke is to get out in front of me!

Competitive? Yes.

We usually say no to mini-golf, since we can do that at home (and there’s a cheaper place down the street). But this time we did the slide and realized because it was raining off and on, the slide was wet, and so less fun than usual. So we told the boys we could play a game. They love mini-golf!
(I didn’t play because I don’t like mini-golf enough for it to be worth the price to play.) So I took pictures, making it possible to capture this awesome moment:

Luke got a hole in one. :) (Matt still won the game…to Luke’s dismay. Tobin was just happy hitting the ball around…though he wasn’t fond of the last hole, which took his ball for good!)