Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cars 2 (and other blessings…)

I’m feeling a little overflowing right now. On top of working and saving for our adoption, SO MANY FRIENDS AND FAMILY have given us such generous gifts! I am so humbled by people’s generosity. It’s totally worth it to our family to work and scrimp and save in order to bring our little guy home and see one more of “the lonely” be set in a family. After all, it’s our family, we get the best end of the deal! But that so many would give generously (many of them scrimping and saving in order to do so) so that we can have the privilege of being little guy’s family sooner rather than later? Amazing to me.

So I’m already feeling swamped by God’s goodness through people. And determined to remember as I head to a place where I’m likely to see more material poverty than I’m used to (although also a place of great beauty, and spiritual richness!), that life is not found in THINGS.

So it’s somewhat an embarrassment of riches that we’ve also received some things we were planning on scrimping – as gifts or for free.

My sister decided to get an iPad and is giving me her Kindle (which will be awfully nice to have on the 35 hour trip I’ll be making soon.)

And my mom got me a new die cutting machine for my birthday, which I’ll hopefully be able to use for Nebraskaree Designs. That came with 2 free packets of tattoo paper – which you can use with the Silhouette, or just with your color printer.

And on top of all of that… my {awesome} sister in law got on Wal-Mart’s facebook page, played some Mater game, and won us 4 free tickets to see the new Cars movie. We had decided we’d probably have to wait on the DVD for that one (even though Tobin – and to a lesser extent, Luke - DESPERATELY wanted to see it.) Free = awesome. Thanks Wal-Mart! And much more, thanks Betsy!

I got the tattoo paper a few days before we were able to see the movie, so we broke it out in honor of the big event.

DSC_9026 DSC_9027 DSC_9028

The boys (especially the little one) were thrilled, and I definitely got some cool mom points for this one.

We have a bunch ready to use for the 4th of July, plus Tobin and I went searching for any pictures he & Luke would like. So we have some Buzz & Woody, some Kung Fu Panda 2 (Tobin loves Tigress… or Tygwiss, as he calls her :D), plus some pretty awesome flaming baseballs. 1 free pack down, 1 to go!

p.s. Some of the {Christian} reviews had mentioned that there’s some violence/perilous scenes in the movie. Tobin (who thinks Curious George is kind of stressful) wasn’t scared at all. He liked all of the races and the action. It wasn’t as heartwarming as the first one (but we practically have that memorized…), but we all loved it, and thought it was really funny.