Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation: Cabin time

After Matt and Luke hiked Twin Sisters, they needed a relaxing afternoon. So after they rested, we drove up Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Pass. We were hoping to get out and walk around, but the visitor center was closed and the whole place was buried in snow. Plus our gas light went on halfway up (meaning we’d barely make it down), and Tobin had to go to the bathroom. So we went on down. :)

But we did stop to get a picture by one of the giant banks of snow (I stayed in the car…steep mountain roads + snow = no thanks.)

Then we had a relaxing night at the cabin. Matt built a fire (which we’ve never done before – it’s significantly colder in June than in July, when we’re usually there.)

We always do a puzzle, usually one at the cabin. This year we brought one to leave at the cabin and just got it finished the morning we left:

We praise the LORD for the provision of this cabin, and for this week together as a family. Matt is never more relaxed than when we’re there – away from cel phones, TVs, video games, and all of the schedule of daily life.