Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was struck by something this morning.

This girl – who didn’t learn to pray until she was 19 (and is still learning)…. And who didn’t have a Mama who knew how to pray for her….

…is praying for a little boy who has had no Mama to pray for him.

…will teach him to pray, as she’s teaching her other boys to pray.

…is now being prayed for by her own Mama, who has learned to pray. And her step-mama, and her mamas-in-law.

…And is getting the MOST PRECIOUS messages from friends near and far, in response to her plea for prayer. Little guy (and his Mama-to-be) are being prayed for by Mamas, Grand-mamas, and girls with darling Mama-hearts, a world away from him.

The Lord is growing my heart.

My word for the day (and likely this entire season): ABUNDANCE.