Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation: Horsetooth Peak and Twin Sisters

We have several things we try to do every year when we’re in Estes Park: Matt always takes the boys for a morning by himself so that I can have some extended time with the Lord.  This is a tradition we borrowed from our sweet friends the Bonds, who used to vacation at this same cabin when they lived in Lincoln. DELIGHTFUL. I really look forward to this time when we’re on vacation, time to read and pray and journal and just be alone. Usually they drop me off in town, but this year they were climbing Horsetooth Peak, which is near the cabin. So I stayed there and it was so restful and wonderful. Until I looked at my computer (which was still on central time) and thought the boys should have been home by then… and almost had a panic attack.

They called me from the top of the mountain (the only place besides town where we get cel service – Matt called from the cel to the cabin phone.) It was a beautiful, clear day and I could see them through the cabin telescope. Matt said it would probably take them about 2 hours to get down, and that they still had to eat their lunch. That meant they’d probably be down by 3pm. About 30 minutes after we got off the phone, a GIANT storm blew in: rain, thunder, lightning. I prayed they were off the top of the mountain before it started (especially since Matt had Tobin strapped in a METAL backpack on his back), but knew I didn’t have to worry until after 3. So when I looked at my computer and thought it was 4:15… I tried really hard to trust the Lord – and I know if something horrid happened to ALL THREE OF THEM Jesus would hold me TIGHT. But that’s my whole world up there. So I panicked. And then I realized it was really only 3 :15 (3:30 by that time…) But I couldn’t get myself down off the (emotional) cliff until I heard the van coming up the mountain to the cabin. PRAISE THE LORD.

Needless to say… they were FINE. And a little confused as to why they came home to a weepy mom!
They did make it off the top just as the storm hit. The thunder and lightning were not popular with either boy, up that high. But they had a blast climbing Horsetooth Peak.

The other thing we always do is have Matt and Luke go on a hike just the two of them – something too hard for me or for Matt to do with Tobin in the backpack.

Luke was super excited to climb Twin Sisters this year (and he LOVES getting time with just his dad as well. Although he was surprised at how much faster his dad hiked without 40 pounds of Tobin on his back!)

The view of Long’s Peak and Meeker from the Twin Sisters trail.

And up on top:

 Here’s my favorite picture Matt took that day, of my mountain climbing boy:

They made great time on their hike, saving me from any more nightmares (praise Jesus!) And meanwhile, Tobin got to do one of his all time favorite things: Stay in his pajamas all morning long. :)