Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventures in Uganda: NEWS.

Due to the nature of adoption in Uganda (and, frankly, the occasional craziness of the Ugandan adoptive community), I chose not to share any details on our blog about our adoption while we were still in process. But because this blog is the story of our lives... I want to go back and fill in those empty spaces.

I'm backdating these...Today is 2/28/2012. But I'm dating this post from the day we got our first exciting adoption news...6/1/2011. The following is an email I sent my family that afternoon with the subject line "NEWS."

It's fun to have some news to share.

Last Wednesday we sent our home study and other paperwork to Ug*anda to our babies' home (via Federal Express, which is the only reliable way to post things, from what we've heard.)

I've been trying not to be anxious, knowing that it should get there sometime this week (the 30th or 31st), and watching my email for a notice from the Babies' Home that our paperwork is received, so we can be on the waiting list.

We've been in contact with the babies' home since January or so - we knew they had a waiting list, but also that not many families on the list are open to toddler/older boys so we probably wouldn't be on it for too long: 6 months at the most. So I was expecting to hear from them, "Paperwork received, you’re on the waiting list.” It was also our understanding that they do not do referrals or match families with children until you make the first trip.

We heard from them this morning.
They have all of our paperwork, we are approved. And they would like to know when we would like to come to Uganda to meet our child and begin the process. EEK! And YIPEE!!

** Additionally – we are not going to make the following public knowledge yet. But they also have matched us with a child. Here’s what the director of the Home said:
“ I therefore have the pleasure to inform you that we have a healthy boy called Marvin Kiggundu- 2 years old that we would like to match to your family for adoption.”

We are completely shocked. But my friend Brooke met Marvin when she was at the babies home for her adoption, and was able to show me a couple of pictures of him that she took last year when she was there. Here's my favorite:


So apparently, and obviously: LORD WILLING... in late July or early August Matt & I will be flying to Ug*anda (that's about as early as we can imagine getting it together to almost all of our college staff is out of the country until mid-July.) To meet our SON.

Please pray:
- For CALM. This is surprising to us, but not to the Lord.
- For WISDOM: When to go, how to work out the logistics of travel, care for our boys, etc.
- For my passport: We applied  for renewed passports a long time ago, but I sent in a copy  of our marriage license instead of certified copy or the original. Don't know what I was thinking... But we just heard from the passport office yesterday that we need a certified copy - so I need to get a certified copy from Brazos County, turn that in, and who knows how long it will then take them to process it. Matt's came last week. :(
- For finances: We've been working and saving like crazy, and the Lord has provided JUST what we needed each step of the way. But for this first trip, we need between $7K and $8K - $4K for travel, and another $3-4K for legal fees to get the adoption/legal guardianship process started.

I could get totally freaked out about that, but I'm determined to trust the Lord. He has provided, and He will provide. And the timing of our saving/working/raising funds is completely in his hands.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and prayer! LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!