Saturday, May 7, 2011


So technically Luke & Tobin are half-brothers. Same dad, born to two different moms (although they have the same mom now – yay me!)

Tobin is the weirdest sleeper I’ve ever seen. He moves around so much in his sleep, he’ll probably need a rail on his bed until he’s 20. 3-5 times an evening (this is between his bedtime and mine, so just about 2 hours) we are startled by a loud THUMP as he rolls over and hits the wall. Never waking up.

Last week, I went to check on Tobin before I went to bed and found him like this:

Sound asleep. Even when the flash went off. Didn’t wake up when I moved him back onto his bed either.
Luke is not quite as heavy a sleeper, but he is HILARIOUS if you have to wake him up. If we have meetings at the house in the evenings, Luke gets to go to sleep in our bed and read until his bedtime (he also gets to go to sleep in our bed if one of us is gone for the night/evening. Why is that such a treat? I don’t know, but he loves it!)

When we go into wake him up and move him to his bed, he is often very disoriented, and very often yells odd things. “It’s the HAMBURGER! GET THE HAMBURGER!” Ummmmm. OK? And as you’re steering him (now that he’s too big for even Matt to carry) to his bedroom, if you take your hands off him for a second, he turns and goes the other way. Matt gets mad at me if I move Luke without him, because it’s such entertainment.

The day after the picture of Tobin above, we had a meeting to plan summer Bible study stuff. After everyone left, when I went to move Luke, here is what I found:

Is being able to sleep in weird positions genetic? And if so, which parent do you think they got this gift from? (hint: it’s not me.)