Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm going (I think...)

So. 3 weeks after I heard I was welcome to travel, I finally heard the details I needed to know in order to travel (I think the babies' home administrator must have been on vacation or out of the office... Or the Lord was wanting to teach me some things, which I am THANKFUL for.)

Early this week, I sent this email to my family:

Well the bad news (for our Texas family, at least) is that our fam will not be able to come to Houston for my birthday after all.

But the good news: I’ll be in Uganda meeting (and taking pictures for all of you of) our newest little Meyer. EEK!

Heard from the babies’ home (at last) this morning. They’d like me to come the first week of August. I want to be home by 8/13 or so because Luke starts middle school on 8/16 and I don’t want that to be crazy(er). I’m waiting to hear when exactly they’ll have room for me in their guest house – but I’ll likely be traveling from 7/30 – 8/2ish until 8/13 (depending on guest house availability and flight availability, of course.)

Please pray with me that I’ll hear back from the babies home tomorrow so I can get that flight booked – it just gets more expensive the closer you get… And pray for a good flight and a low fare J.

Speaking of the flight…
  • Since this first trip doesn’t include actually identifying our child (they have a child already in mind for us; the identification was the main reason I wanted Matt to go on this first trip rather than the second, longer one) and
  • Since it’s looking like the courts are going to start actually requiring both parents to be in court (in the past it was a “requirement” that they didn’t actually hold anyone too…but word on the street is that it is moving to medical exceptions only.) and
  • Since we think we will have enough money for this trip if it only involves ONE plane ticket (and THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who have helped us out with this and been praying for our funding – praise God for you! We have a lot farther to go, but we have just about what we need for this step.)
I’m going to make the trip on my own.

I was worried about this at first, but now I am EXCITED and not afraid (we’ve been leaning this way for a couple of weeks, so I’ve had some time to settle into the idea). Also, our friend Brooke (who also adopted from Uganda, and for whom I babysit) has family in Kampala. She said they would be willing to pick me up at the airport – the arrival was my biggest concern – and maybe even let me stay with them that first night and get me to the babies’ home the next day. Praise God for His provision through friends!

More news and prayer requests coming soon !
Love you all!

I did hear back (immediately) from the Babies Home about specific dates when I could come. BUT when I contacted the travel agent (who is highly recommended by other adopting families), I got some bad news. The tickets for the exact 2 weeks I need to travel are DOUBLE the price they quoted me before I had exact dates. The quote was the lowest possible price, so I was expecting the real deal to be higher - but not double. The agent was very distressed. I went searching on my own, and confirmed those prices - and saw that if I could/would wait until September, they go back down again (maybe because it's less of a peak time, maybe because there's more time between now and the flight.

I did NOT want to wait until September - because I'm anxious to go, but also because going in September pushes the second trip (when I get to bring little guy home) back - probably until early to mid-2012 (going in August, I think there's still a slim chance we might get a court date in 2011...)

I am thankful to the Lord for almost immediate peace. I was tempted to be frustrated and sad - especially since it feels like if I'd heard back from the babies' home earlier, maybe I would have been able to get better tickets.

BUT. Yesterday in my time with the Lord, I laid it all out (more for myself than for Him, since by definition, He already knows. :D) 

The bottom line: If the Lord wants me in Ug*nda in August, He can provide the $$ and the flights for me to go (without us making a bad stewardship decision and spending double the money just so I don't have to wait - that was never an option.)

I decided I'd give it through the weekend, and if we weren't able to find a better deal, then I'd wait until September, and receive that from Him. I trust His goodness to me.

And He is good whether I go in August or September. Whether from there the process moves quickly or slowly...He is good.

And... I had a couple of folks send me cheap deal sites... It looks like I may have some tickets booked at a MUCH better price (the price I was actually expecting - not the lowest possible, but not outrageously expensive either.) Praise the Lord.

If that all goes through as planned, I'll be in Ug*anda meeting our little guy the first 2 weeks in August - getting back just in time to get Luke settled into Middle School. Jet Lag + Oldest starting Middle School = Meltdown? We shall see... :)