Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation: Climbing Lily Mtn.

We totally were not expecting to take a vacation this year – thinking it wouldn’t work out financially or time-wise. But Matt decided to go ahead and reserve a week at the cabin our friends generously let us use for free, just in case it worked out time-wise. And since my adoption related trip won’t take place until later this summer – AND since the only week available to us was early in June well before we even knew when I’d be able to travel… yay for a super cheap vacation! And in one of our favorite places on earth: Estes Park, CO.

The first thing we did was go on an awesome hike to Fern Falls – it was beautiful, and there were lots of photo opportunities. Except once we got the camera out, we realized all the batteries were dead. Bummer.
So the second thing we did…

Was hike Lily Mountain. Lily is about the easiest mountain in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but it’s hard enough for me, thankyouverymuch. I’ve never been willing to try before, but I’ve been running this year, so I thought I’d be in better shape for it. It was tough (for me), but so much fun!

 Last year, Luke about wrecked his feet hiking in already-worn-out-basketball shoes. So this year we bought him some hiking boots. We bought them a little big so they’ll hopefully last a while. So he and Matt ended up with matching shoes. Yes, Luke’s feet are BIG.

 Luke loves to scramble around on the rock formations. Tobin decided he wanted up too, so  Matt took him up. Luke was WAY braver this year than he has been in the past, and didn’t need any help at all. I of course was happy to stay with my feet firm on the ground, and take pictures (and not very good ones, since the sun was directly behind them.) Just so you know how high they were…the camera is at it’s biggest zoom setting.

Tobin had a blast – for the first half of the hike.

And then he decided he’d had enough and was ready for a ride. At 40 pounds, this is definitely the last year that Matt will be able to carry him (and Lord willing, next year we’ll have another little guy in the back pack!)

The view from the top!

No pics of all 4 of us… because we had our fancy camera, and realized after we got up there that we don’t know how to make it do self-timer photos. We figured it out that night, but too late for a family photo on Lily Mtn. At least we had batteries!!