Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of Tobin’s favorite thing in the world is “Tajamas.” He LOVES his PJs, and would stay in them all day long, if I let him. He’s pretty attached to just about everything involved with his BED…you should see the melt downs caused when I have to change his sheets. And heaven forbid if I need to wash his special Blankie or one of the night-night friends. At the moment, he has 4 special stuffed animals – his “friends” that he sleeps with every night: Mookie the Monkey (from Build-a-Bear), Mousie (a stuffed version of the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie), Smokie (a small beanie black bear we got him in CO last year), and Flower Dirt (a small beanie deer we got him in CO this year. And yes, he named her Flower Dirt himself. I tried to steer him back toward just Flower, but he’s insistent: “No! Flower DIRT!”) He carries all 4 around in the mornings, and likes to set them up on the breakfast table in gender order – the boys (Mookie and Smokie) on one side and the girls (Mousie and Flower Dirt) on the other. How he knows which are boys and which are girls I do not know, but he’s quite firm on that subject. :)

IMG_0712 For a long while, his favorite pajamas have been Lightning McQueen (from Aunt B for Christmas). He calls them his “Speed Tajamas” (because we have a Lightning McQueen toy that says, “Speed? I am Speed!”), and would wear them every night if I let him. While we were in Texas on vacation, Uncle Jon and Aunt Terry got to witness his attachment, since I did laundry at their house and confiscated the Speed PJs. I think he cried for 15 minutes.

He does have some other PJs that he likes, but many of them are getting too small (the kid is outgrowing EVERYTHING). I’m going to let him keep the Speed Tajamas for a little while longer – they’re just a little high-water – but the other 3T PJs have gotten way too small, so I broke down and got some more this week.

And there’s a new favorite in town:


He pushes the button to “make his wings come out” and then flies all around the house. So cute.

They came in a set with a woody pair also, and they were more than I was hoping to spend. But he got so excited in the store, I just couldn’t say no. Next time you see him, don’t be surprised if he’s wearing his Buzz Lighyear Tajamas, because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get them off of him. Ever.