Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jon & Terry 004
We had a very relaxing and wonderful visit with Uncle Jon and Aunt Terry in Austin. It was maybe even a little TOO restful… Tobin and I both caught bugs, and spent quite a bit of time by ourselves upstairs resting, hoping that no one else (especially Uncle Jon, who’s undergoing Chemo) would catch whatever we had.
But even with that…we had a wonderful time. We love being with Jon and Terry, and SO wish we could see them more often, especially now that it’s harder for them to make it up to Nebraska.
This might have been Luke’s favorite trip to Austin yet… since we couldn’t really get out and do much, we stayed home and he got to play on Uncle Jon’s Wii most of the time we were there – including a 4 way family Super Mario tournament (with Matt, Luke, Jon, and Terry…and Tobin pretending to play along!)
Next stop… Colorado!