Monday, May 31, 2010

Silly Boy

Tobin’s latest favorite activity: Playing dress up. It makes me happy, since there’s hardly a picture of me at this age where I’m not dressed up in some ridiculous get up.

His most popular costume right now is cowboy…although the holster he has was Matt’s and not totally adjustable – so it doesn’t really fit him.

Last week, he wanted to be a cowboy, so he brought part of get up out to me so I could help him get it put on (be sure that he tried first to “do it mySELF!”) I reminded him that he has a vest too, so he went digging in his dress up bin for that…and found more than he was looking for. So this is who came out:

dress up 007

So this week… Luke had his first 2 baseball games (I’ll put pictures up as soon as I remember to get the camera out of my car and actually take it to the game!) He is thrilled, since they won both games – tying their record from last season already (they only won 2 games last summer. It was their first year playing player pitch, and all the teams they played – except 2 – were older and had played player pitch before.

Monday, the morning of the first game of the season, Luke got his baseball uniform all laid out and ready for that night (he was pretty excited.) That afternoon, T disappeared into the back of the house and came out like this:

 dress up 002 dress up 003 dress up 004

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing about this picture… The fact that it is so very big on him (he’s holding up the pants)? Or that he’s wearing his basketball slippers? Or that he’s just so tickled with himself?