Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soccer… Go Patriots!

Luke’s soccer team went undefeated this year, much to the boys’  excitement. We probably should have played up a competitive level this year, but our team varies in age enough that this year had we moved up, players on our team would have been in two different age groups (or the youngest players would have been playing boys 3 years older than them…) Of course we could have won so many because the boys and their coach are just that good. :)

I love soccer season…at least at this level. Games are once a week, with one practice a week, and the games only last an hour…plus we had stellar weather this year. The boys had a great time (winning always helps with that, I suppose…), and Tobin LOVED watching them play. He can’t wait until it’s his turn to play soccer!

Soccer 4-10 005

Soccer 4-10 011 Last Game - Undefeated 003


Last Game - Undefeated 009

Last Game - Undefeated 015


The boys dumping (red) Gatorade on Matt after winning the last game.