Sunday, May 9, 2010

He won’t stop singing…unless I get out the camera

I don’t know what Tobin is going to end up being…but I have a feeling it might involve singing or dancing. He sings and dances without stop. Until I get out the camera, or someone comes over and we want him to do it. He has a song about avocados (which he loves, a child after my own heart), he remembers every word of the songs he learns in Sunday school, and then there’s his new favorite. He learned this from Anna, and came home singing it incessantly:

It’s been kind of nice to have a new song in the rotation, because for the past month or so, he’s been singing a song he learned from his brother (but foiling every attempt to record his performance…) Finally caught it on film, for your viewing pleasure.

(sorry about the poor quality…I had my mother in law’s camera (mine ran out of batteries at the wax museum) and it’s acting up…)