Saturday, May 8, 2010

Neil Armstrong

I really love Luke’s school, and the fourth grade has been awesome. One of my favorite things they did this year was their research project. Fourth graders do their research on a famous person – a hero – and in addition to their paper and class presentation, they put on a wax museum. Each fourth grader dressed up as their hero, and parents and friends could come around and drop change in their container to turn the wax figure “on” – causing them to do a short presentation about themselves.

Luke studied and presented on Neil Armstrong…who wasn’t really the easiest person to come up with a costume for. Lucky for Luke (and VERY lucky for me), he has a grandfather who is a beekeeper, and a grandmother who is a GENIUS. Look what Grammie (Matt’s mom, Sara) came up with:

Neil Armstrong 001


Assuming I can get it to load…here’s a video of his presentation, along with a look around the (very noisy) room:

Good job Luke!!