Friday, September 25, 2009


These are from a couple of weeks ago - when I still had a pony tail (got my hair chopped on Friday). I've been having trouble uploading and gave up/forgot about it. But these are too cute to keep to myself!

T has been really interested in my ponytail (tony-nail) for a while now. As I'm holding him before bed time (one of two times he allows me to hold him for any length of time - he's pretty cuddly in the mornings too), he'll play with my ponytail, and he's always asking if he can have one.

Of course, he also calls his toe nails tony-nails, and wants me to "clippy" them, but we're trying to clear that up.

Anyway... A couple of weeks ago I was folding laundry in my room & I heard Tobin getting upset. I checked on him & he was sitting on the floor of his room with his lion and a "tony nail" holder, very frustrated that it wouldn't work. So of course I helped him give his "wion" a "tony nail." He was ecstatic.

As it turns out, he spent the next half hour or so taking care of his pony-tailed lion. He got the lion all set up in his bed, covered up with the blankets, surrounded by his other animal friends (none of them have hair long enough for a tony-nail.) Then he read them books, sang them the good night songs we sing him, then said "special things" to them (Matt has special things he says to each of the boys at bed time.) Then he tippy-toed out of the room, saying, "Now you stay in bed until I come and get you!" (which is the last thing I say to him at nap time, not that he listens to me or stays in his bed most days...)

Who could resist this??

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here's the new activity at our house... T got this hot wheels big wheel from my mom for Christmas last year. He's loved it since then, but until about a week ago, he just pushed with his feet. He's been able to reach the pedals for about 4 months now, but couldn't turn (because turning took one foot out of pedal range), and mostly just went backwards (producing much frustration, and cries of "MAMA! I'm going BACKWARDS!!!")

Now that he can pedal, and pedal forward, and turn... Well. Here's what we do for fun:

T is super cute here, but I have to say my favorite thing about this is L with his mile long legs on the other "motor-cy-cycle." Hilarious.

(p.s. Please excuse the deafening cicadas. Surprisingly enough, we didn't even notice that they were loud that night. You'd think it was the plague of the locusts.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Psalm 73:28

This is for Susie...she couldn't believe I took this video and hadn't shared it yet :)

When I was pregnant with Tobin I came across Psalm 73:28 and decided that of all the things I could ask God for this little baby, my first request would be that he would know that the nearness of God is his good, and that he would find in the Lord God a refuge. I painted the verse on a canvas that hangs over his dresser/changing table. Among Tobin's first words were "Was Dat?" (translation: What's that?), which he would ask about EVERYTHING in his new talking stage, even things he knew very well. Whenever we changed his diaper, he would point at his verse and say, "Was Dat?" We would tell him that it is his verse and ask if he wanted to hear it. He would always laugh and smile when we read it to him (and I'm guessing, although we never really thought about it, that we did say it rather dramatically.) This has continued for the past almost year...

Last month as Matt was changing Tobin's diaper, Tobin asked (as always) about his verse. But this time, as Matt said it, Tobin joined in. Wow. What a little sponge.

Here you go:

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Were you wondering where the ties came in?

Earlier this week I was cooking dinner & Luke was playing outside. Tobin had been doing puzzles in the living room, but I noticed that it was awfully quiet. I went looking to see what he was up to, and this is what I found.
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State Fair

Pics from our time @ the LAST state fair in Lincoln (it's moving to Grand Island, NE next year...) This was Tobin's first year to be big enough to ride any of the rides, and he was JUST barely tall enough. But...he rode everything they'd let him on, and had a GREAT time. He did the happy dance in between every ride. I don't know which I enjoyed more, seeing Tobin having a great time, or watching Luke being so sweet and excited to introduce him to one of his favorite things...

Labor Day Bike Ride

And Tobin's first time in the Burley...he was absolutely enamored with going with Daddy & Lukie, and I got a little time to myself. Praise the Lord!

They were gone for 2 1/2 hours and came back STARVING. Matt had called & told me I'd better have something for them to eat, so I made grilled cheese. And tomato soup, because even though it was a warm day, we have had some cooler days & that makes me think about soup. Matt could hardly even look at the soup, he was so hot (he has strict seasonal rules about soup.) But it was really yummy. :)
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TMI? But he sure is cute!

Just making sure you never have to wonder what's going on at the Meyer house. This is it.

The famous FROGGY potty.

And please notice Micky Mouse.

Yes. He's wearing Nemo underwear. Boy panties, I used to call them, but I found out boys don't like that much.

In my potty training research, I came across a theory that if you give your child a doll (preferably one that wets) and let them teach the doll how to go potty, it really helps them grasp the concept.

I wasn't about to shell out cash for a Betsy Wetsy for my son, and supposedly (according to anyone except the folks who sell the wetsy doll) it works just as well with any doll. So...we recruited Mickey. Tobin helped him get his boy panties on (see, I did it again), taught him how to sit on the potty & I did sound effects. Then we did the pee pee dance for Mickey. It was a big hit. We took Mickey around with us everywhere (but he had to stay in the van when we went to the library, for Luke's sake). Very effective.

For one day. Then Tobin told me the next day, "No thanks, Mama. I pee pee in my diaper." Does it count as potty trained if they only do it every other (or every third or fourth) day?
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All things we've gotten into this month...

For being pint-sized, Tobin can really put some corn away. And since I've pretty much broken the TMI barrier on here already, I will share that corn season is one of the things that convinced me it is time to potty train. I am glad I don't ever have to see it coming out the other end again (assuming we've conquered potty training by this time next year. And if we haven't? I don't know, but I won't be the one changing the diapers anymore.)

Sadly...this was the last sweet corn of the season. For TX friends who don't know why I'm always talking about corn, come see us next summer after the 4th of July and before Labor Day, and you'll understand.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So our August wasn't all sneaking out of our big boy beds, peeing everywhere and starting the 4th grade. We also (just this last weekend) went to the McCutcheon Cousins Campout! Yay! What a fun time with sweet family. The campout is one of the highlights of the boys' year, and this year was no different, although it was a little quieter, since not everyone was able to make it this year. We're still making up sleep, since none of us (even the littlest turkey) got to bed before 11 Friday or Saturday.

Earlier in the month, we really took advantage of our last days of summer. Staying in our pajamas for all hours of the day...

Experimenting with our hairdos. Can you tell what's going on in this picture?

How about this one:

I love my turkeys. :)

In case you're wondering, Luke did both of these fauxhawks, I had nothing to do with it (other than run for the camera when they came out of the bathroom, of course.)

T loves trash trucks. LOVES them. Even more than fire engines (most days.) If he's up early enough on a Wednesday morning, I'll let him go out and watch ours.

Then, there was the banner day, in early August, when our street had enough trash for TWO garbage trucks. T is pointing to the second one. This is one of my favorite pictures EVER. Can you see that he's on his tippy toes?

They were probably out there for 30 minutes. Luke was ready to come inside, but I didn't want Tobin to be out there by himself, so he stuck it out for his brother. I'm going to have to find pictures (pre-dig) of Luke doing the same thing by himself....